About us

C21 Metroec is an experienced real estate agency, whose activity is based on an exhaustive range of services in the real estate sector. Our high expectations and the interests of our clients were always the forefront.

Owners, tenants, investors or clients are consider partners in business, benefiting out of the best real estate solutions from our consultants. We treat every partners seriously, with professionalism and expediency, sculpting the true value out of your ideas.

Our main assets are:

  • quality;
  • trustworthiness;
  • respects;
  • responsibility;
  • performance.

The great field experience of our real estate agents provide the value and the true high standards, in a business environment based on integrity and professionalism. Teamwork, involvement and enthusiasm are the core values of our expertise, helping us to find the most innovative solutions and applying them in the real world.

Gives us a message to get to know us better. Your ideas will see success in a very short time.

Our schedule is Monday – Friday from 09:00 and 18:30.

Looking foward to hear from you,

C21 Metroec team

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