Our advisory department offers our clients, both legal entities and individuals, a wide range of consulting services regarding exploitation and management of real estate properties, including:

  • the evaluation of properties development projects;
  • research on local markets – demand and supply;
  • determining the best possible practical destination;
  • development and feasibility studies.

For corporate clients we need a better strategic planning, starting with the management of the respective real estate properties, in order to cover, in the best possible way, all the necessary operations so we can maximize companies’ real estate value.

These services include:

  • listing all divisions;
  • listing all real estate active, operational properties;
  • adjusting buildings’ space to acthieve the best living conditions;
  • strategic planning to acquire the best management for both operational and non-operational assets;
  • optimizing and streamlining corporate properties in order to facilitate funds.

As part of the corporate services, we provide relocation studies based on the operational, financial and strategic requirements, offering alternatives for all options.

Our technical department offers complete project management services, such as:

  • preparing the necessary documentation to rent the properties;
  • technical descriptions and temporary project planning;
  • rental process coordination;
  • quality assurance, costs and terms of execution throughout the projects’ phases;
  • project receptions;
  • adapting buildings to living conditions and helping tenants move in.

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